Our Students’ Love The Chess Game

“Thank you MyDreamConnect for impacting our students SO GREATLY. Our students await more encounters with you – they love all the activities especially the chess game.”

Our Students’ Love For Learning Rekindled

“Dear Ms. Macaulay of MyDreamConnect, I want to thank you for all you’ve done for our prefects. Myself and school teachers have noticed the excellent improvement in their leadership skills since their encounter with you….”

Your Support Is Excellent

“I am very impressed by your focus, ability to persevere and win, thank you for supporting the expansion of our dream – when I think about you, I can’t think of giving up on anything.”

You Made My Year 2016 VERY SPECIAL

“MyDreamConnect was the focus of my thanksgiving to God in year 2016; I have never seen any adult devote so much time and resources to teenagers development like you do”