TEENAGERS: Find Your Life!

Some Synonyms
discover, observe,
become aware,
realize, notice,
note, perceive,
learn, detect

Study to be quiet, mind your own business and work with your own hands to obtain what is really yours.

When you find your life, you are able to bring yourself to a realization of your powers or your proper sphere of activity.  In essence, you have to learn a lot of skills (both life and vocational) and learn to develop your competence so you can understand the strategy and co-ordination required to move in the direction you are to move.

We have been called upon to do many different things and do ‘these things’ differently, that is why we were born at different times.  It’s all OK to thank God when you see my energy and sensitivity to life, and desire to have capacity like me, what is not right is to want to ‘copy’ what I do (and want to do it exactly the way I do).  Stop wasting you, there’s something unique about every human being, the more you try to copy every time, the better you become at being a perpetual and permanent copy-cat.

One destroying fact about being a COPY-CAT is the fact that the real you won’t manifest.  We are all created for a purpose – if you don’t find yours, you will continue to be a photocopy.  Just like a photocopying machine, ORIGINAL is usually cleaner and more attractive – that is what you are created for – TO BE ATTRACTIVE and attract resources for BIG and SUSTAINABLE results.

If you want to do something BIG and you really want it to be your idea, stop trying to find new people to act, and be like.  Rather find what you are naturally good at and engage perfect practice.

“Practice does not make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect”.

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