Simple Steps To Understanding your Audience

People are active online because they are looking for solutions to their problems. Knowing your audience is central to any marketing strategy. Knowing your audience is central to any marketing strategy. Else you face the risk of losing them to your competitors.  So how do you get to know them?  Sadly, many treat social media just like any other conventional marketing channels – where they go to sell just their products.  Many businesses continuously broadcast flow of convenient post, fill their profile or pages with promotions and deals, and ignore what their customers really need, want or desire of them.  Don’t forget that your audience is usually not interested in what your brand is all about, but in the value that you are providing.

To generate a positive return on your investment in social media, first you must be knowledgeable about your market.  You must develop a well-organized system for finding out what is needed, how best to reach out and maintain the system over a long period of time.  This will help you to have influence over your audience as it will help you build some level of trust because your audience believes you understand their needs.  In your plan, create the opportunity for them to ask questions and plan to be very responsive – as this further portrays you as very helpful.  In fact it helps you to know more about their needs.

Secondly, Facebook is said to be leading among all the social websites, according to Mediabistro, with 82% of small businesses registered; it is followed by YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn with 73%, 47% and 47% respectively.  So you need to find out where your audience is to strategically position your effort to meet your desired record per time on the different platforms you’d be using for your marketing.  You need to find out what platform is most suitable for your offering by understanding what each platform is known for and how they can be useful for your marketing needs.

And finally pay attention to all comments and activities on your broadcast on all platforms you’re on. Your goal here is to pay close attention to how many people are responding to your work, how they’re responding, and how often they’re responding.  Focusing on this will also help you to discover what topics appeal to your audience and how to serve your various categories of audience.

Review your impact on all platforms periodically to establish a model and keep learning about your audience.

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