Our Programs

We offer EDUCATION & TRAINING services to help people develop into their very best selves.  We use games (such as chess), worksheets and role-plays to help our students learn and build capacities to identify, pursue and develop OPPORTUNITIES. Our work is designed to offer personal and business advancement to our customers

Employee Engagement Programs

Our EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT PROGRAMS help to support organizations productivity by improving The Employee Experience Using People Analytics to help employees enjoy an engaging, challenging and appealing workplace. And this is at a very affordable cost to organizations.


MyDearLady Business Network

Our WATCHWORD is training responsive women that shape homes and influence nations.  We are providing them with the most up-to-date and cutting-edge training on getting started to writing business plans, and understanding internet & social media marketing.

Our INTENTION is to ensure female entrepreneurs easily connect and advance by helping them to IDENTIFY and MANAGE STRESS effectively.


The TEENS Advancement Programs

This is our CSR strategy to promote personal advancement of individuals in Africa.  We have developed a combination of life-ready activities designed to prepare learners to develop their self-learning capacity and help them to develop the character and social traits that support their transition into adulthood.