Our Programs

We use games (such as chess), worksheets and role-plays to help our students learn and build capacities to identify, pursue and develop OPPORTUNITIES. Our program is hinged on three pillars –

1. MyDreamConnectSHAPE (Life skills for Teens) – a combination of life-ready principles designed to prepare learners to develop their self-learning capacity and help them to develop the character and social traits that support their transition into adulthood.

This curriculum focuses on helping students SHAPEN their ideas about life and how they ‘respond’ to situations instead of ‘reacting’ – we will teach them how to continue on having high hopes for the future even if they feel a bit down about a negative circumstance instead of lashing out in a blinding rage against everyone and avoiding them because of a situation.

SHAPE is designed to be taught in sequence over three years in senior high school. The curriculum is intended to be taught sequentially to build on skills learned in the previous levels. The FOUNDATION stage will be implemented with students in SS 1, followed by the TRANSITIONAL stage for SSS2 and then PROGRESSIVE stage for SSS3.  This can also be packaged to run specially for boarders.

2. MyDreamConnectSTAR (Workshop for Teachers) – is an interactive and hands-on ‘work delivery’ workshop designed to empower teachers (Pre-Service, In-service & Guardians) to become educators who boost students’ excitement for learning. ‘There is no star without a scar and the scar of every star is sacrifice.’

The aim of this workshop is to bolster up teachers to engage in the act of giving up one thing for something else that they ‘believe’ is worth more.  We see a teacher as someone who shows up for a teaching job every day – he/she knows the content and likely sees teaching as a paid job. Whereas an educator is one of those people who go beyond what is expected – the teacher who makes relationships with students more important than the content, and because of the relationships, the content comes alive, so for an educator, teaching isn’t just a job but a calling. Topics to be taken include Understanding & Setting Personal Life Goals, Creativity & Adventurous Delivery, and Computer & Internet Basics for up-to-the-minute delivery.

3. MyDreamConnectMIX (for Recreation) – administers special events (outdoor adventures, hangouts, tours, graduation, inter-house sports & family feasts) and tournaments that offer many physical, mental and social benefits to participants.