Learn A SKILL TO GET AHEAD for Teenagers (Report)

An Entrepreneur is someone who understands that there’s a little difference between obstacle and opportunity and are able to turn both to their advantage.

The just concluded 4-Days LEARN A SKILL TO GET AHEAD program for Teenagers by MyDreamConnect was organized to help teenagers acquire skills (soft & vocational) that will help them develop ideas and take steps towards becoming entrepreneurial in their mindsets – this is so they can have many characteristics of an entrepreneur regardless of the career or path they choose to follow in life.

At MyDreamConnect, we understand that the environment you grow up in affects who you become and that is why we believe in inspiring teenagers to have the right skills, good understanding and the right influences that will support their growth – as all of these are critical to their success in life. The program focused on 3 vocational skills (Cake Making, Shoe Making & Bag Making) in addition to 5 soft skills (Vision & Goal Setting, Entrepreneurship Development, Personal Branding & Transformation, Social Graces & Etiquettes and Steps To Achieving Academic Excellence). Our intention was to help participants understand the essence of skill acquisition and the long-term effects of this on their effort to build a brighter future for themselves, their families and the society they belong to. We want them to have the capacity to create solutions to existing SOCIAL and ECONOMIC problems in the society.

Participants (60) included teenagers (and some energetic pre-teens) currently in high school, and high school graduates preparing for the higher institution of learning. And the key learning points of the program include

  1. The need for participants to be creative, and take life and ideas seriously; vision is revelation, and to achieve what is revealed, goals (short, medium &long term) must be properly set and acted upon intelligently and with wisdom & understanding.
  2. Because times are changing, life is not straightforward without much trouble as it was; therefore, their NUMBER ONE GOAL is to grow to become honest, faithful, courageous and have intelligence to collaborate and connect as these will give them a strong advantage in years to come.
  3. To cultivate the habit of working hard and smart for satisfactory result from the investment of their time and other resources; they need to have great experience in whatever they do and ensure they do it well because they will get only what they put into things.
  4. Being opened to opportunities that will help SHAPE their futures; we encouraged them to understand that making mistakes is a key to learning and improvements – this will help them avoid the possibilities of being embarrassed in future as a result of ignorance.
  5. That in all, they must have the mentality to create many positive and sustainable jobs whether they function as Intrapreneurs or Entrepreneurs.

MyDreamConnect’s work is focused on helping teenagers become sophisticated to make them prospects for leadership at home, in the workplace and in government. We are excited about participants’ enthusiasm towards learning while in class and their urge for more knowledge even at the end of the training, in addition to the encouragement we got from parents through their comments via telephone calls, face to face commendations and their requests for further engagement of their children and many others for the development of the Alimosho community and our country Nigeria.

Our sincere and special appreciation goes to the staff & management of HOPEWELL COLLEGE, Idimu, Ikotun Lagos for the partnership, and to all instructors – Miss Yetunde Olosunde, Mr. Moses, Mr. Oragwa Nelson and Miss Yetunde Macaulay (the Lead Coach & Founder of MyDreamConnect).

Indeed, the program was superb and very successful as 80% of our Shoe Making students’ project was on making their school sandals for back to school in September.


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