Declutter Your Association

Some Synonyms

relationship, relation, interrelation,connection, interconnection, link,bond, tie, attachment,interdependence, union, alliance. .

Do you know it is better to walk alone than to go with people who are not going your way?

Are you conscious of the fact that you’re either going forward or backward in a relationship?

If you’re experiencing frustration in a relationship, it’s time you declutter your association. It might be a mistake you made trying to make things happen on your own that got you into the mess you’re going through right now. To accurately declutter you need discretion, why; because discretion will terminate your frustration. Psalm 112:5 talks about guiding your affairs with discretion. While it is good to engage discretion, know that discretion does not just flow, it flows through reasoning and reasoning in the Holy Spirit. Isaiah 48:17.

So since friendship is not by force but by choice, don’t be deceived. As evil communication corrupts good manners, so does wrong association corrupts great destiny. Spiritually, the company you keep is very contagious – the more you hang around the more you become influenced. If you’re journeying with someone or people who are not going to where you are going, you’re obviously going to miss your flight. So if you want to stop being ORDINARY, it’s time to tell ‘that friend’ candidly; If you’re not going where I am going. Bye-bye!

Take Responsibility! Check who is inspiring you so you don’t complicate your life. If you know you’re hanging out with people who are pulling you back, God wants you to deal with it. While it’s important to have people inspiring you, it is necessary that you don’t allow your choice stop your purpose, because if you don’t have who is inspiring you then you are on your way to expiring. Be mindful of the fact that your decision affects your destiny.

Do not let your mistakes stop your plans because delays are not meant to cancel your purpose. If you have made mistakes in your choice please go ahead and declutter. Here’s what you can do, answer the questions below carefully and recalculate your plan.

* an accountability partner with whom you share values and engage productively in your various pursuits?
* a prayer partner with whom you seek the face of God together on issues?
* a soul-winning partner with whom you do your life assignment together?
* a Christian business/career partner that you stand together in prayers and break the hold of the wicked one on your business/career?

Anything that is not adding to you is removing from you whether you like it or not. Ask yourself these
* What can I lay hold on to have achieved from this relationship? Make a list.
* What am I doing there? If you don’t know, please get out of it.

Now pray this prayer
Oh Lord My God
Disconnect me from everyone going backward;
Make my eyes blind to anything that will not build up;
And my ears deaf to things that I have no business with;
Help me to live as a STAR that you have made me;
Help me to locate and team up with those who are going forward from this day henceforth.
Thank You Lord for helping me.

Remember whoever is very sensitive in the company s/he keeps is designed for success. (Read Proverbs 13:20)

I declare that God will give you the sensitivity to know who to relate with and when to disconnect as you take this step to declutter your association!

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