MyDreamConnect (registered with CAC) is a socially responsible learning platform that has been in existence since year 2013 offering LIFE ADVANCEMENT services and Computer/Internet skills to people.

MyDreamConnect was properly launched in October 2015, as a platform to empower talented teenagers (still in high school or graduated) to learn skills that will help them master life concepts to envision a brighter future for themselves, their families and the society they belong, and most importantly, a platform to help teenagers come together, get them to collaborate to solve major problems in their own legitimate little ways and make it a lifelong habit.

MyDreamConnect offers 3 major programs (SHAPE, STAR & MIX) through classroom and private discussions, and uses games to teach for practical experience.

@MyDreamConnect, we offer teenagers opportunity to learn computer skills for some exposure and sophistication, and we teach them to
1. Deal ethically in all situations;
2. Use their talents to serve and have positive impacts;
3. Become willing to work countless hours to realize their dreams (either as an employee or the employer);
4. Follow their hearts to unite people around common causes for a stunning impact;
5. Ensure their leadership style is collaborative and not autocratic, as well as discourage them from being competitive with their peers; and
6. Become successful minding their business.

OUR VISION is to become one of the top 5 recognized institutions for creative collaboration and people development globally.

OUR MISSION is to deliberately develop plans to resolve issues plaguing youth development; we create a friendly environment that encourages life-long learning for our students to express high expectations for their advancement in life.

Promoting healthy development of people and work processes.

Mastery, Efficiency, Reliability, Respect for Lives & Youthfulness (MERRY)

*  We want people to use their talents to the fullest extent to excel in projects, tasks and then life.

* We want people to understand their strengths and weaknesses so they can confidently seek help and collaborate where necessary.

* We want people to develop capacity to lead and influence others for results worthy of emulation.


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