Caregiver is the person who takes primary responsibility for someone who cannot care fully for themselves. As a caregiver, whenever you are with your clients, you face a variety of risks. As a carer you need to be able to deal with any emergency that you encounter in a calm manner. This section of the course will help you develop the skills necessary to provide care to your clients with greater peace of mind.   We will help you gain the knowledge and skills necessary to provide effective care to any clients or family members that you may find in your care by studying the course Diploma in Caregiving. This course will cover a broad range of topics that will help you become a successful carer who holds your clients’ best interests at heart; it will also help you to develop a strong understanding of how aging and a range of disabilities affect the body. You will then learn how to develop strategies to adapt the care you provide to any elderly or disabled clients you find in your care.

    • The fundamental roles and responsibilities of a care worker;
    • The various legal issues that a carer must consider when working with a client;
    • How to identify, treat and prevent the spread of a range of medical conditions;
    • The correct actions to be taken in the event of a range of medical emergencies;
    • The various features of early, moderate and severe Alzheimer’s disease;
    • The manner in which various systems and organs within the body deteriorate due to aging;
    • How care should be adapted for each client, depending on their general health.
    • What exactly dementia is and how to provide care to clients who have been diagnosed with dementia.
    • Range of skills which will help you provide effective care to clients with dementia, such as communication techniques and behaviour management.
    • The skills necessary to provide care to elderly or disabled clients.
  • Professionals working in the Caregiving profession, who wish to ensure that their skills are kept to the highest standard possible.
  • Anyone who is interested in building a career or develop skills in Caregiving for personal/family life management.

DATE:  March, June, August, October
FORMAT(S): Instructor-Led Classroom Training
FEE:  N20,000

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