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“It is hard to fail, but it is worse never to have tried to succeed.” – Theodore Roosevelt. We offer life mastery courses that will provide SOLUTIONS in all areas of your personal advancement!

E-Learning Signature Course

Want to commit to becoming a bigger version of YOU and have a breakthrough to the next level where your ordinary becomes extra-ordinary? Get help to LEAP!

Self-Development Courses

Abundance is available to everyone and to you in this very moment, all you need to do is reach inside yourself and activate it. Get TOOLS to be a GO-TO-PERSON.

Business Mastery Courses

Want to learn exactly how to really make money and enjoy business? We will give you Time-Proven Secrets, Processes and tools for turning your Passion into Profit.

Who We Are!

MyDreamConnect is a personal and business development training company committed to offering life advancement programs for quality life experience; we serve individuals seeking help to LEAP instead of living on THE EDGE. Currently managed by Yetunde Macaulay and her world-class team of young & hands-on experienced training partners & administrators committed to helping people connect their dreams, the team specializes on helping MyDreamConnect's clients set and achieve SPECIFIC GOALS and overcome obstacles to their PERSONAL GROWTH. These GOALS may be related to any area of personal development, including relationships, finances, investments, health & wellness and using technology for positive results.

Our Team

We are committed to making excellent things happen for happy living.
Yetunde Macaulay
Yetunde Macaulay
Founder & CEO
Eniola Olosunde
Eniola Olosunde
Executive Assistant/PA
Hadassah Macaulay
Hadassah Macaulay
Business Development


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